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About us

Effort to make science more “civic” or to inform civic life more with science. 

Analytical Center Polis Asia has been established in 2007

The Center was created by a group of enthusiastic researchers who were eager to achieve more creative solutions and methods of research and work. During the work at the Institute for Strategic Studies under the President of the Kyrgyz Republic researchers made a scientific and publishing activities in socio-political, historical, and cultural fields; made number of research and analysis on Central Asian region and Kyrgyzstan; developed and issued a unique periodical publication “Polis”.   

In 2007 they decided to establish independent, non-governmental Center or institution which will work in the region and provide more compelling, independent, and relevant research and analysis of the processes in the CA region and Kyrgyzstan. After the Soviet and post-Soviet period of stagnation, we managed to form a scientific environment and infrastructure around the Center.

The focus of research:

  • Socio-political institutions and processes (political parties, models, institutes).
  • Political culture (symbols and images of Central Asian politics).
  • Social identities (nation-building processes and inter-ethnic relationships).
  • Conflict and peacebuilding practices in Kyrgyzstan.          
  • Socio-political communications in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia (formal and informal institutes networks hierarchy).
  • The nature of social revolutions (modernization processes and political transformations)  
  • Ideological, socio-political security of Kyrgyzstan and CA. 
  • Memory studies (blank pages of KR history (repressions, deportations, displacement, etc) 
  • Civic education in Kyrgyzstan (political education). 

Our approaches: 

  • Our Center value open mind education and access to various institutions, research sites.
  • We develop our own research potential (new topical approaches, theories, collegial research projects, etc.).
  • We promote scientific developments and products in various scientific networks, platforms and universities (articles, discussions, joint projects).
  • We cooperate and engage with the local, regional, and international institutions and scholars.
  • We provide space and platform for scientists and researchers from Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia.
  • We collect, analyze data and information about society in Kyrgyzstan through various instruments and open for new approaches and methods (open data, oral history, archives).  

Center Polis Asia